TRI-LIN Integrated Services is a full service educational publisher, which specializes in educational test development, scoring, professional development for educators, and translation or “transadaptations” of educational resources required in both English and Spanish.

For the past seventeen years, TRI-LIN has added its expertise to many state assessment programs. It has specialized in English-Spanish translations and transadaptations, which are prepared by professionals who understand the formal and dialectical differences in language and culture. We are proud supporters of bilingual education.

TRI-LIN personnel carefully research terminology, phrases, and cultural and regional differences to ensure proper development. At TRI-LIN, we consult with our clients during the development process to ensure that the resulting products (assessments and curriculum) are the most professional, accurate, detailed, and expeditious as possible.

As an outgrowth of our expertise TRI-LIN now offers research-based professional courses in Spanish and English that are customized to the client. Our professional courses focus on teacher instructional success resulting in student achievement.

At TRI-LIN Integrated Services Inc. our goal is to build long and lasting relationships with our partners that we serve.


Main office located in San Antonio,TX