“Ruta gramatical” is a teaching tool for fourth grade bilingual teachers who work with Spanish speaking students. It encompasses two books: the Teacher Edition and the Student Workbook.

In the TE, the teacher will be able to find step by step Grammar lessons in Spanish that will help them guide their fourth graders through the most important topics in Spanish Grammar. All the lessons are based on the 4th grade Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

The lessons contained in the TE book follow a consistent method that will help the teacher in knowing exactly how to teach each lesson. It provides information teacher specific information on the top followed by a list of materials needed (Materiales), an introduction (Introducción), a teaching section (Enseñanza), a guided practice (Práctica guiada), an independent practice (Práctica independiente), and a closing (Cierre) of the lesson.

The Student Workbook consists of activities where the students can apply what they have learned in the grammar lessons.

“Ruta gramatical” benefits both teachers and students as they navigate the Spanish language and its basic rules.

Download installation and user instructions here .