The Constellation and Constelación item banks were developed for school districts as a valuable tools. These item banks are designed to measure student mastery of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) assessed on the STAAR. Constellation and Constelación facilitate the creation of the assessments needed for scheduled district benchmarks. Each item proactively builds the student’s test-taking confidence by familiarizing them with the rigor and style of items they will encounter on the STAAR. 

The item banks are available for Reading, Writing, and Math in both Spanish and English. This series of assessments offers Bilingual Programs the opportunity to evaluate students academically as they develop content literacy in either language.

Constellation and Constelación are available for grades 2-5 and mirror the STAAR blue print for every subject and every grade. STAAR released tests in each subject and grade guided the development of all test items to assure that the expectations and skills measured are aligned with the STAAR assessments. Each test item also reflects Depth of Knowledge (DOK) complexity equal to or greater than the identified TEKS.

Constellation and Constelación offer teachers an exceptional tool to gauge student progress as required by the State Expectations. This insight will assist teachers in planning and providing an instructional focus in order to promote student achievement.