Translation & Localization

TRI-LIN is very experienced in providing translations and transadaptations of educational assessments and materials, as well as other general or technical texts into Spanish. TRI-LIN understands the needs of bilingual students and educators and has been serving this community since 1997. Our professional staff is comprised of fully bilingual content experts, assessment specialists, editors, and translators. For Spanish translations, the appropriate dialect used is a “universal” Spanish. By working closely with products and services aimed towards the bilingual student population, our writers and translators have become familiar implementing this dialect. Geographically a large percentage of the Spanish speaking population in the United States is from México, but there are also Spanish speakers who are native to other countries such as those in Central and South America. Therefore there is a need to use a “universal” Spanish that can be understood by most Spanish speakers.

The term “transadaptation” is used to reflect a translation that is not a straight word for word translation of a text, but rather the adaptation of the English source text to its equivalent meaning in the Spanish language, taking into consideration diverse factors such as culture, context, target age, etc. Currently, the term localization is being used in the translation industry to describe the process of transadaptation. By definition, localization is not a word for word translation, but a sophisticated translation with the idea of rewriting the original message in another language, taking into account the culture and location of the target audience. This is how TRI-LIN proceeds with all translations.

TRI-LIN has experience in the translation and localization in many different languages aside from English and Spanish such as,

  • Arabic
  • Vietnamese

  • Cantonese

  • Chinese

  • Ilocano

  • Tagalog

  • Korean
  • Punjabi

  • Russian

  • Ukrainian

  • Mandarin

  • French


Examples of Translation and Localization Services


  • Math, Reading and Science materials
  • Supplemental books


  • State Assessment

  • Development Translation


  • Hospitals

  • Universities

  • Real Estate

for School Districts

  • Handbooks

  • Letters

  • Parent-teacher correspondence

  • Calendars

  • Newsletters

  • Evaluations

  • Lessons

  • Flyers

  • Online lessons

  • Curriculum all subject areas